Cuningar Loop has been on my radar as a ‘Place to go’ for some time but for one reason or another I hadn’t quite made it there – Until now… and boy, have I been missing out!

Today I had promised my daughter a ‘girls day out’ and on searching for something special to do – I came across  ‘Dress a Tree’ day – a special family event hosted by the Foresty Commission Scotland.

The one thing that I had heard repeatedly about Cuningar Loop is that it’s fantastic for bikes, so we popped by daughter bike in the car and off we went.

When we arrived we were instantly greeted by an array of bikes of all shapes and sizes, where children of all ages and abilities were testing their cycling skills!

After a few minutes we then went on to explore. There are lots of little paths you can take which makes it all the more exciting, but we decided to follow the sound of the drumming.

Before we knew it, we were in amongst all the stalls – there was face painting, crafts, stories,  music,  den building, herbal tea and lots more that I didn’t get a chance to see.

We built Dens – or more specifically, a toilet (the joys of being child led!), Went round and round and round and round the bike track – which is perfect for both beginners and slightly better riders, climbed on rocks, had a hot chocolate from the ‘Wee Cabin Cafe’ and then went round and round the bike track some more!

It was a fantastic event and I could see that everyone was having a wonderful time!

As we were leaving, the sun was setting and the park took on a new life with the trees beautifully illuminated for the event.


What made me even happier is that this park would be amazing even without the special event.

There is something for everyone, the play equipment is wooden and challenging – different from every other park I have seen. It really is great for little ones learning to cycle – whether its on the smooth tarmac paths or on the bike track.

Even the picnic benches are just slightly different.

If you are looking for a good (and free) day out for the whole family then I definitely wouldn’t look past Cuningar Loop!

…..Did we get a sneaky visit from a superhero??

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