On Friday 10th March we ran our first FUNdamental Play Training at Palacerigg Country Park and what great day it was!

We want to say to huge thank you to all who came… We covered LOADS but the day was full of laughter and fun.

Everyone who came, left with an arm full of things they had make to take back to their establishments.

The feedback we got from the couse was wonderful, which really means a lot.

“Thanks for the great training session. eally enjoyed the laid backed approach. Great Day!”

“Course leaders were fantastic, full of knowledge and very friendly. Excellent course, the best I have been on”

“Best Course”

We plan on running another soon!

If you would be interested on an ‘in-house’ course to build staff confidence and skillset in the woodland then email jackie@outletplayresource.co.ukSave

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