Supporting Well-being in Nature

Play It Forward
Play It FORWARD - giving the gift of childhood

With the latest lockdown, children’s mental well-being is at an all time low so we need to act now! 

The Wellwoods Project


Supporting Well-Being in Nature

Our children’s mental health suffered during the first lockdown.

Therefore, with a winter lockdown upon us, it is vital that we put things in place to protect our children from suffering further.

Most Importantly, playing with friends is an essential for healthy childhood development and the main way in which children learn and grow.

By providing outdoor play within local communities, we are enabling children to socialise and play in the safest way possible. We encourage them to play together in nature and explore their local woodlands, introducing them to new green spaces and giving them the tools to continue to  protect their mental health and well-being through the darker months.

Play It Forward

What we offer

Wellwoods Outdoor Play

Outdoor play sessions for up to 13 children ages 11 and below. Children thrive from being able to play with friends.  Wellwoods provides a space for unstructured play which enables your child to play freely – supporting their mental health and giving them the opportunity to just children during this difficult time.

Wellwoods- Babies and Toddlers

Has there ever been a more difficult and lonely time to be a new parent. All group are cancelled so you are muddling your way through the new phases on parenthood without the community that others have been lucky to have.

Wellwoods babies and toddlers is an outdoor playgroup for children under 5 and their parent. It’s a great opportunity for the wee ones to play while the parents get to chat and make friends at the session (From a safe distance!)

Wellwoods One-to-One

One to One sessions are available for young people aged 12 and above and also for those who would normally need additional support to access group setting.

This time in lockdown, young people aged 12 and above are living with the same restrictions as adults and we can only imagine how tough that is for everyone – especially them!

Our one to one sessions help your young person get out the house for an hour or so and give them someone else to talk to. It will also introduce them to local greenspaces which they are able to access at any time!

How You Can Help

Play it forward’ is a form of social giving where you can donate a play session to support the mental health and well-being of children and young people.


All of our ‘Wellwoods’ sessions are FREE to access at the point of use, ensuring that all children within the local delivery areas can benefit – regardless of their families financial situation.

All donations are welcome – here is a guide to how your donation will help


A donation of just £5 will enable us to provide a small snack at one Wellwood group session


Just £10 will provide a child with the opportunity to attend a Wellwoods group session – spending time with their friends in a safe and supportive environment


A gift of £30 will enable us to provide a 1-1 Wellwoods session with a teenager who is struggling with their mental health.


£70 enables us to provide post natal mental health support for 5 parents and children under 5 years ols


A donation of £120 enabels us to provide n outdoor play session supporting the mental health and well-being of 12 children from a variety of backgrounds – without stigma!

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